To foster collaboration in the translation and subtitling areas of the archive we have simplified the process using the comments of our website. Follow the instructions and if you have any doubt contact us.

1. Choose the interview you want to translate from the list at the bottom of this page
2. Copy the full text and paste it into a text editor in your computer.
3. Translate the interview at your own speed. Save the document from time to time, keeping the progress to avoid losing changes if your computer sudenly shuts down or something like that.
4. Once translated, copy the text (translated) from your editor and paste it as a comment on the page of the interview, at the bottom.
5. Remember to indicate at the top of your translation the language to which it corresponds.
6. Don’t forget to indicate the name you want to appear in the about page of the archive when posting the translation. If you don’t want to appear in the about page just write anonymous.
7. Use a real email adress, otherwise the comment will not be posted. Follow our recommendations in relation to the contact options.

Interview 1   – SpanishEnglishFrenchEuskara
Interview 2   – Spanish – English
Interview 3   – Spanish – English
Interview 4   – Spanish – English
Interview 5   – Spanish – English
Interview 6   – Spanish – English
Interview 7   – Catalan  – English
Interview 8   – Spanish – English
Interview 9   – Spanish – English
Interview 10 – English
Interview 11 – English